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residential heat pump repairOur HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) business offers customers a wide range of services for both home and business. Our services are geared toward enhancing the functional performance of your furnace or air conditioner and can potentially minimize your monthly energy costs as well. We can offer the following HEATING AND COOLING SERVICES:

Cleaning & Servicing Your AC Unit, Furnace, or Heat Pump

Getting your furnace cleaned and serviced regularly may eliminate potential heating issues throughout the winter months. The air filters of a heater must always be clean so that dirt and dust do not get trapped in them causing an obstructing and reducing air circulation. When air circulation becomes obstructed, the furnace tends to work much harder, which can result in an over-worked blower motor that increases energy costs. A Heating and Cooling Company can examine your heater and suggest the best ways to manage your furnace maintenance as well as the best ways to decrease heating expenses.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner For Optimal Performance

An air conditioner that doesn’t cool well, has no place in Phoenix, Arizona. If this describes your AC unit it could have the common problem of a coil leak. A/C specialists can look for such leaks and recharge the system if necessary. When AC units are low on coolant they run constantly and raise energy expenses. It’s very important to replace a cooling system that isn’t operating efficiently. One of our professionals would recommend a new air conditioning system with a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) score which would keep your Arizona home at an ideal temperature level, while also decreasing your energy costs.

Installing and Configuring a Programmable Thermostat

Turning down the the thermostat in winter, and turning up in the summer or when you’re away can save a lot in regards to your monthly energy costs. This is where a programmable thermostat can become useful. These devices can be properly set up by our company so that you can select your preferred temperature for when you’re away and have it cooler or warmer when you return. This way, your home will always be at a suitable temperature level for your arrival, however, it will conserve a considerable amount of cash while you are away.

Start Auditing the Energy Utilized in Your Home or Commercial Building

Energy audits are useful for establishing if a device is working efficiently and cost effectively. Heating and cooling leaks, as well as proper ventilation and energy performance can all be assessed by our expert HVAC technicians to determine if the equipment is operating correctly and can heat and cool your home or office building.

Upgrading Out-Of-Date Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equipment in Arizona

When you’re ready to update non-functioning or outdated PHOENIX HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT, our specialists will help you figure out which devices are ideal for your home or office. This will include cutting your electric bill every month by fitting your home with the correct size of high efficiency equipment. Some brands we like include Carrier, Trane, and Rheem.

Finally, seeking the advice and services of local air conditioning contractor is not without its advantages. Our professional technicians are trained to completely assess the requirements of you and your home. We will recommend the most cost effective and energy efficient equipment for you. Furthermore, routine upkeep and maintenance of our HVAC systems is available to every customer, and is performed by the same skilled experts that installed it.

If you are trying to get help with heating and cooling repairs, then you’re in the right place! One of the very best in Arizona is here to serve you, so call our PHOENIX HEATING AND AC REPAIR SERVICE @ (877) 634-9841 today!